Tours and Trips

for Participants at the IPA Congress


Meeting point: Hilton Hotel Prague







Praha zidov  



The present Prague Jewish Ghetto is what remains following extensive reconstruction carried out at the turn of the twentieth century; only a few significant architectural relics of the thousand-year history of Prague Jews were preserved. The visit to the Jewish Quarter includes the Jewish Cemetery and the National Jewish Museum, which is associated with different synagogues around Prague.


Price per person                                                                                                     € 47.00

(incl. entrance fees to Pinkas Synagogue and Jewish Old Cemetery, Klaus and Spanish Synagogue, transfers, professional English-speaking guide)




Tuesday, 30 July 2013                                      15.00h

Wednesday, 31 July 2013                                10.00h

Thursday, 1 Aug. 2013                                      10.00h

Sunday, 4 Aug. 2013                                          10.00h




Duration of the tour: 4 hours





obecni dum - out   


This art movement at the beginning of the twentieth century influenced architecture, painting, sculpture, photography and other applied art. The best-known Art Nouveau building, the Municipal House - ‘Obecní Dům’ - was constructed between 1905 and 1911.


During this guided Art Nouveau tour, you will also visit the Mucha Museum. Alphonse Mucha was one of the most important Czech Art Nouveau painters and is now known worldwide. At the end of the tour  we will have a cup of coffee in the Municipal House and soak up the Art Nouveau atmosphere.


Price per person                                                                                                     €54.00

(incl. entrance fee to Mucha Museum, coffee and cake in the Municipal House, transfers, professional English-speaking guide)




Wednesday, 31July 2013                                 13.00h

Saturday, 3 Aug. 2013                                       13.00h

Sunday, 4 Aug. 2013                                          10.00h




Duration of tour: 4 hours






La maison A la minute Le Palais Kinský  3



Born in Prague in 1883, Franz Kafka was the eldest of six children in a middle-class German-speaking Jewish family. He was one of the most influential authors of the twentieth century. His works - mainly published posthumously - include Metamorphosis, The Castle and The Trial. Franz Kafka’s work was profoundly influenced by Prague.





We will be following in Franz Kafka’s footsteps as we visit several houses where Kafka’s family lived (a medieval house ‘U minuty’, house number 36 on Paris Street, as well as houses on Bilkova and Dlouha streets). After this we will visit the Jewish quarter (without visiting the synagogues) and the Kinsky Palace, where Kafka studied from 1893 to 1901. His father, Hermann Kafka, had a haberdashery shop in the ground floor of the palace or the Palais Schönborn in the area known today as Mala Strana (‘Lesser Town’), where he lived in 1917. Our tour will conclude in the Kafka Museum in Mala Strana.




The museum’s permanent exhibition of original photos and documents - ‘The City of K: Franz Kafka and Prague’ - immerses the visitor in the world in which Kafka lived and wrote.


Price per person                                                                                                     € 45.00

(incl. entrance fee to the Kafka Museum, transfers, professional English-speaking guide)




Tuesday, 30 July 2013                          14.00h

Wednesday, 31 July 2013                    10.00h

Saturday, 3 Aug. 2013                           13.00h



Duration of tour: 3 hours








This tour is focused on prominent composers who are either Czech or have a close relationship with the Czech region.


We will visit the Dvořák Museum (established in 1932) in the Vila Amerika, the Smetana Museum (a grand building in the Renaissance style close to Charles Bridge) as well as the Mozart Museum in the Villa Bertramka (Mozart moved to Prague in 1787 to finish Don Giovanni).


Price per person                                                                                                     € 35.00

(incl. entrance fee to museums, transfers, professional English-speaking guide)




Saturday, 3 Aug. 2013                           10.00h





Duration of tour: 3 hours



KUTNÁ HORA - the town of silver mines and great history




Thanks to its rich silver mines, Kutná Hora became, after Prague, the second most important town in the Bohemian kingdom during the Middle Ages. The town’s prosperity led to rich architectural development and the city still has many beautiful monuments - St Barbara’s cathedral (begun in 1388), the Italian Court with its Royal Mint (built in the thirteenth century), and the Gothic Stone House. Kutná Hora was declared a world heritage site and since that time it has been under the protection of UNESCO.


Our tour starts in St Barbara’s cathedral and continues in the Italian Court with its Royal Mint (the official mint of Bohemian kings since the fifteenth century), where we will observe minting procedures. We will have lunch in one of Kutná Hora’s best restaurants, where we can admire the magnificence of St Barbara’s cathedral. The trip will conclude with a visit to the Sedlec Ossuary. The Gothic Sedlec monastery church has been in ruins for 250 years since it was plundered by Hussite troops. It was Abbot Jindrich Snopek who undertook a large scale renovation project.


09:00                    departure from Prague

10:15                    visit to St Barbara’s cathedral

11:15                    visit to the Italian Court

12:15                    walk through the centre to the restaurant

13:00-14:00     lunch

14:15                    visit to the Ossuary

15:00-16:00     visit to Santini Cathedral

16:15                    departure from Kutná Hora

17:30                    arrival at Prague




Price per person                                                                                                     € 85.00

(incl. entrance fees, transfers, three-course lunch menu - including drink package of 2 × beers, soft drink, coffee -  and professional English-speaking guide)




Sunday, 4 Aug. 2013                           09.00h




Duration of tour: 8 hours








Terezín represents a tragic chapter of the Second World War. Our guide will show you around the entire complex of the former Nazi concentration camp, with narrations including personal memories and episodes from Terezin’s history.


Price per person                                                                                                     € 45.50

(Incl. entrance fee, transfers, professional English-speaking guide)




Tuesday, 30 July 2013                                      09.30h

Wednesday, 31 July 2013                                09.30h

Saturday, 3 Aug. 2013                                      13.00h




Duration of tour: 6 hours